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West Lincoln Avenue Mt Vernon – 4 family dwelling

Located very close to the city’s downtown business district this multifamily building responds to an increasing housing requirement in the area.

Mount Vernon is the eighth most populous city in the state of New York. It is a predominantly African-American city in a majority Caucasian county. The northern half of Mount Vernon has a suburban presence with tree lined streets and close knit homes side by side while the southern portion of the city has a very urban feel, nearly mirroring its border city The Bronx. The city’s downtown business district is also located on the city’s Southside, which features the City Hall, Office buildings, and other municipal establishments.

Maximizing the usable area and accommodating the maximum number of bedrooms per apartment were primary requirements as well as efficiency of resources and inexpensive materials.

Green materials such denim insulation and fireboards were used to be environmentally friendly and add safety to the occupants while keeping construction costs down.

The apartments boosted energy efficient appliances as well as an energy efficient skin.