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The great Apthorp Apartment building was created during “America’s Age of Elegance,” which lasted from the 1880’s to the beginning of World War I.

During these years, many great buildings where built by the same aristocrats that were shaping and building the nation’s wealth: those bearing names such as Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, and Astor.

Through the years, many of the era’s great buildings were also destroyed for one reason or another. Perhaps they outlived their usefulness or were lost due to the same speculation that helped to create them. However, the Apthorp has survived, having outlived 100 years of development.

The Apthorp remains because of its greatness. Its imaginative design replete with logical space allocation, intelligent layouts, and private luxury makes it simply marvelous.

We employed the same imaginative and logical approach to restore, to re-design, and ultimately, to reintroduce this architectural masterpiece.

The Apthorp’s Neo-Italian Renaissance architecture and great diversity of decoration, ranging from Elizabethan to Adams to Colonial and from Francis I to Louis XIV to Louis XV, required great care to successfully restored and embellish.

As part of the overall renovation/restoration we designed along with some of the best consultants in NYC the building infrastructure to provide 21st century amenities to a very complex pre-war structure.
We re-design over 50% of the existing apartment units to create one-of-a-kind residences, each featuring a marvelous design, layout and décor all-its-own. From the hardware on the doors, to the moldings, hand carved mantels and the lighting fixtures.

All units were design to be different from one another.

These residences range from 1,100sqf to 6,000 sqft when we combined existing apartments. They were designed as to serve a wide range of users. Most located in a single level with some duplexes and a few maisonettes.

These layouts have all the most desirable modern living amenities such as walk-in closets, eat-in kitchens, powder rooms, formal dining and drawing rooms.

All apartments were fitted with state-of-the-art direct expansion cooling coils central air conditioning units installed in such a way to eliminate disturbance of existing décor and to minimize noise and vibration.

We introduced audio-video automation, shading systems & lighting control as well as plumbing and electrical infrastructure. The apartment appliances are of cutting edge technology and energy efficiency.

Recessed and accent lighting was carefully designed to provide a dramatic ambiance.

We design for the complete restoration of common areas which include restoration work being done on the public foyers, lobbies and elevators.

When completed, this building will become one of the most prestigious NYC buildings in the city.