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6 Twin Maples
Windham, NY

The residence was design with both luxury and simplicity in mind.

Approximately 6,800sqft in covered space the residence contains 4 suite bedrooms and a third floor master suite. The suite has a private elevated deck which hosts a 12 person capacity exterior hot tub & sauna.

Located in a steep terrain, the residence spreads naturally downhill. It is connected with the ski trails by a gracious bridge which links the third floor of the residence to an spacious elevator that travels thru a glass enclosure throughout the entire house.

The main level consists of three tiers at different elevations that maximize privacy and scale and create perspective that play with the dense vegetation.

An interior desert garden and fire place connects the different tiers and articulate the gracious cathedral ceilings.

Windham is located in the west-central part of the county on the northern boundary of theĀ Catskill Park.