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3530 Mickle Ave

Located in the Williamsbridge area of the Bronx, this three story attached residential project redefines the criteria for zoning envelope design.

To assure compatibility with the neighborhood scale the street wall was carved with balconies & materials were selected to blend with other existing residential houses.

To minimize the impact of the row house design window/wall relationship ratios as well as subject/background planes & roof line articulation were incorporated in the planning.

The layout was carefully planned for efficiency and to add maximum revenue to the developer, the project is fitted with interlocking duplex floor plan design.

The framing was design for cost efficiency and safety. Insulation & mechanical design are well beyond regulations.

Fire-ratings & egress to exceed code requirements as well as ADA adaptability were design goals.

The drainage system will provide maximum drainage with minimum excavation requirements. This in turn will avoid rock underground removal.