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Townsend Avenue Apartment complex

Located between the Morris Park and Mt Hope neighborhoods in the south-west section of the Bronx, only feet from the Manhattan border, this residential multifamily building was designed to be a statement in the area.

Initially a low income rental building project, Townsend Apartments became an icon for the development projects in the area. This in turn allowed for additional features be added to the initial scheme making the units more a condominium plan.

The design included 90,000 sqft or residential space divided in 100 apartments with access to light and ventilation that by far exceeded the current regulations, common areas, recreation rooms & laundry facilities as well as an efficient parking layout that allowed for residents to access the building with their cars and drop off passengers away from the weather conditions.

A large community facility space was located on the second floor of the building, provided the developers with additional revenue making the project more viable.

Designed with an highly fireproofed and efficient “flat slab reinforced concrete skeleton” the structure allowed for the hollow exterior walls to maximize insulation and fireproofing which in turn allowed for energy efficiency and safety, as well as permitting large window openings. In addition, all interior ventilation shafts and piping were carefully designed to minimize ceiling drops maximizing ceiling heights.

The interior layout provided handicap access at all public areas, redundant means of egress and public circulation that exceeded by 25% those required in NYC codes.

Now completely finished, the building has changed the area and serves as an incentive to other developers to venture in this up and coming vibrant area of NYC.